Shaken, not stirred? Approaches to vodka

When James Bond wants a dry martini – 'shaken, not stirred' – he's talking about a vodka martini: four parts vodka and a half-part dry martini (dry vermouth).

Like James Bond, in the UK and the USA we tend to think of vodka as an alcohol to mix with other ingredients to make a cocktail. But that's not the way in its homelands, Russia and Poland – in both of which vodka is cited reverentially as the 'national drink' – and in many other east European and Scandinavian countries.

This website looks at the culture of vodka, how it is made, where it began, and how it is used (and abused).

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EDUARDO BOTERO 15 September, 2010

Which is it considered the best russian vodka?

steve 8 February, 2011


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